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Technologies for data transmission from your assets

SIGFOX, RFID, NFC for your products tracability.

SIGFOX, WiFi and GPRS/3G and fxed lines for your clients, machines and infrastructures live datas.

SIGFOX, GPRS/3G and Satellite for your mobile assets tracking.

A secure scalable & agnostic plateforme

- Cloud or dedicated IT specifc platforms to support IAXEED solutions

- SOA architecture and very fexible data model, provide a truly exceptional capacity and ease to address any needs in any businness domain

- Scalability, high availability and performance to manage any type of activities

- Security: all exchanges encrypted

All types of connected equipments to support your services

- Smartphones, PDA and PC Tablets with embeded IAXEED solutions.

- Hardened PDA and PC Tablets for outdoor usage.

- Cloud or dedicated IT specifc platforms to support IAXEED solutions.

A spatialized & fexible environment

- Integrated Open Source ERP, open an fully customizable RIA technology based, applications; seamless usage locally or remotely, to provide best ergonomy for HMI,with Desktop like application, but through Web Browser

- Flexible to incorporate any new business vertical.

- Connectivity to any type of existing databases.

- Cloud, big data & metadata capabilities.

- Support any type of geospatial datas format.

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